IMPORTANT: Our certification is Limited to Qualified SNF and ALF’s

Want To be The Next Certified Wound Care Facility?

CERTIFY FOR FREE! Your SNF or ALF as a Certified Wound Care Facility, will become a preferred choice facility. This certification may avoid risky fines from unattended patients wounds.
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What is a House Call MD’s Certified Wound Care Facility?

A House Call M.D.’s Certified Wound Care facility is a SNF or ALF that has become certified in identifying skin deterioration and wounds. We will provide in-services, continuing education, skin assessments, resident education and all the necessary tools to help staff members identify and treat different stages of these conditions. 

Your certified facility will have the expertise of House Call M.D.’s providing physician oversight to manage any dermatology or wound care condition. Your staff will not be considered experts in wounds, but they will have an advanced understanding in identifying and treating dermatologic conditions and wound care. Facilities and staff will have direct access to our providers, support staff and EMR. We can handle all dermatologic and wound conditions!

What Benefits is your facility missing for not being certified?

Why Should Your Facility Should Become Certified?

Why Should Your Facility Should Become Certified?

Becoming a certified wound care facility increases the reputation and trust of your community. This gives you a competitive edge over other facilities. In addition, the biggest benefits of becoming a certified wound care facility is that your facility will avoid costly tags, fines and potential loss of income associated with state and federal regulations.
Pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores or bedsores) are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. They can happen to anyone, but usually affect people confined to bed or who sit in a chair or wheelchair for extended periods of time. This  remains a major health problem affecting approximately 3 million adults.
At House Call M.D.’s, our mission is to provide patients the life they deserve while educating and assisting your facility with state and federal guidelines.

Why partnering with
House Call M.D.’s make sense?

Reduce hospitalizations and rehospitalization. Uneasy about CMS penalties for high readmission rates? Facilities that partner with House Call M.D.’s as part of an integrative team were found to have less wound or dermatological rehospitalization  rates.

Financial savings.
Occupancy and Retention: Having an on-site provider that excels in wound care and dermatology management is paramount! Your facility will be considered the preferred location for patients with these conditions.

Facilities with the House Call M.D.’s advantage has decreased rates of patient turnover,  infection, amputation, and hospital readmissions.
Because patients at your facility receive Medicare insurance, we directly handle our treatment fees with Medicare. Your facility cost will always be zero. 


What are the Facility requirements?

Through a stringent process, we have requirements in place for a facility to become certified. Only the top 10% of facilities that we service will attain this distinction.

How to Become a
Wound Care Certified ALF

Just 3 easy steps 

Schedule orientation

You will pick a convenient time for you from our open calendar.
We will visit you at the chosen day and time and will provide you with a full orientation on all the benefits that your fatality will receive for becoming certified.


Coordinate the training with your staff

All your nursing staff will be trained and certified at no cost. With the current advanced technology, your staff will receive the required education via the Internet.
They will be able to choose the most convenient time for them to take the training and once they finish it they will be able to take a short exam to make sure they learned and understood the training


Schedule times to provide our skin assessment

We will provide a complementary skin assessment to each one of your patients. House call MD’s takes this responsibility and our reputation very seriously.

This complementary skin assessment will allow us and your facility to know the needs of each one of your patients.


The health and dignity of your patients is also ours. Schedule now your orientation and let us help you become one of the preferred SNF or ALF in Florida!
The health and dignity of your patients is also ours. Schedule now your orientation and let us help you become one of the preferred SNF or ALF in Florida!


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